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Umbrella cockatoo on sale, #2570

We have fully weaned very healthy vaccinated tamed trained Umbrella cockatoo’s available back at the Multi parrots Avian Center very affordable rates since we now promote the captive rearing of these umbrella cockatoo’s as a proper means of their conservation. We ship worldwide all umbrella cockatoos young or proven pairs ordered directly from the Center with their full accessories, a free cage, free feed for the pair, and their cites permit. Please if you are interested in getting your own umbrella cockatoo’s young pair, this is your chance to add you name on our waiting list for these Umbrella cockatoos.  You can reach us directly with your feedback at Telephone: +237 (0) 680-653156 (Whatsapp) Email: [email protected]


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Sep 8


Address Dubai

Neighbourhood: United Arab Emirates - Dubai - Al Barsha South

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