What are profitable business ideas in Dubai?

Profitable Business Ideas In Dubai
Profitable Business Ideas In Dubai

As everyone knows Dubai is the commercial capital for United Arab emirates. It is the best idea to start your own profitable business in Dubai.

The major Dubai economy depends on the various industry such as trade, tourism, aviation, real estate, and financial services. Dubai is considered as World’s fastest-growing economies. India and China are their key trading partner.

Business Ideas in Dubai
Business Ideas in Dubai

Why Dubai is the best place to start your business?

  • Dubai has been called the “shopping capital of the Middle East”. Dubai Mall which is called as world’s largest shopping center is located in Dubai. 
  • Regional economic growth and Liberalization in Dubai will increase the demand in Dubai which makes Dubai the best place to start your business. 
  • Since 1988 Dubai’s international trade has grown on average by over 11% per year. 
  • Dubai has an open market which is no exchange controls, quotas or trade barriers. 
  • The most important and interesting fact is Dubai’s country doesn’t have direct taxes on corporate profits or personal income. 
  • One of the most important benefits of building a profitable business in Dubai is competitive cost structure such as No foreign exchange controls, Competitive real estate cost, energy cost, and labor cost. 
What are profitable business ideas in Dubai? -What are profitable business ideas in Dubai? - What are profitable business ideas in Dubai? -What are profitable business ideas in Dubai?What are profitable business ideas in Dubai? -What are profitable business ideas in Dubai? - What are profitable business ideas in Dubai? -What are profitable business ideas in Dubai?

Here is a list of profitable business ideas in Dubai :

Apparel: As everyone knows food, Clothes and shelter are the important things to lead a healthy and happier life. Isn’t it? 

Demand for Apparel will never get reduced, so it is considered as a highly profitable business. Spend on Clothing by Muslims is expected to reach 368USD by 2021. This proves that Starting the apparel business in Dubai will be a very good business idea in Dubai for all entrepreneurs. 

First, you should decide where to open the fashion brand which can be within the city or in one of the free zones.

To start your apparel brand in Freezone : 

Freezones are available across Dubai such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Quwain. If you are opting for the free zone you can get following exemptions such as 

  • No personal income tax
  • Corporate tax exemptions
  • 100% import and export tax exemptions
  • labor recruitment assistance.

To start your apparel brand in Mainland :

To set up the fashion brand in the mainland, you can apply for the license in the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), where you can get a license in 90 minutes.

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Bookkeeping :

There is an N number of businesses running in Dubai. The role of booking is important for all businesses to take strategic decisions and manage financial reporting.

There is a lack of professional bookkeeping services in Dubai. It is an opportunity for all bookkeeping professionals to start your career as an entrepreneur.

To start your bookkeeping profitable business in Dubai you have to get a license from the Dubai Department of economic.

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Advertising or Digital Marketing :

Digital Marketing Business in Dubai
Digital Marketing Business in Dubai

As we discussed earlier Dubai is the commercial capital for UAE. There is an increase in the number of profitable businesses.

Every business needs the right marketing strategy to survey in the field. Do you agree with this?

In this modern era everyone available online for 24*7. So all businesses would like to promote their business in Digital medium. This results in an increase in the demand for a digital marketing agency or advertising agency.

Grab this opportunity and start your digital marketing or advertising business in the UAE to raise your revenue.

Real Estate :

In Dubai, Foreigners allowed to own land or property and the landowners will get a residence visa for three years.

This increases the attraction of getting property in Dubai.

Benefits of getting property in Dubai :

No tax on your property: Property owners don’t want to pay tax on your property so that property will be there for you in the long run.

Dubai is considered as the best place to invest in real estate. So this increasing demand in real estate agencies.

This demand gives you a wonderful opportunity to start your real estate business in Dubai.

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One of the most profitable businesses in the UAE is education.

As Dubai is the commercial capital of the United Arab Emirates, we have the presence of expats from various nations. Seeking education is one of the primary needs. So it is a good idea to start a specialty school in Dubai.

You should have a proper license, infrastructure and Certifications to start your education business in Dubai.

Ecommerce Business :

Ecommerce Business in Dubai
Ecommerce Business in Dubai

In this busy world, a large number of people are kept transforming from traditional shopping to online shopping. This leads to rapid growth in the eCommerce industry in Dubai.

To start your eCommerce business in Dubai you should get a proper license. The licensing procedure can choose from a free zone and a non-free zone.

You can get a license for eCommerce business from the Department of Economic Development.

Things required to start your eCommerce Business in Dubai :

  • High-speed internet
  • Website development and hosting
  • Payment gateway
  • Trading service – Import and export
  • Logistics, Support, and Delivery
  • Warehousing and delivery
  • Marketing services.

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Recruitment Agency :

Each year there is various business setting up in Dubai. This increases the demand for highly skilled professionals in Dubai. To overcome this problem you can provide the solution by filling up the gap between job seekers and companies.

As there is demand for skilled professionals in Dubai there is the need for skilled job seekers from other developing countries. You can find skilled job seekers from developing countries and connect with Dubai.

Any local and foreign investors can start a recruitment agency in Dubai with a local partner.

Types of the license to start a recruitment agency in Dubai :

The brokerage license and the temporary recruitment license are the two recruitment license to start your recruitment agency in Dubai.

What is the requirement to obtain recruitment license to start your recruitment business in Dubai :

  • Clean criminal record
  • Registered address in Dubai
  • Bank guarantee must be deposited

Transportation Business In Dubai:

As everyone knows Dubai is considered a famous place for tourism. Transportation is one of the major industries which is going to get higher profit from tourism.

 So starting the transportation business generate higher revenue for the entrepreneur.

To start the transportation business you can get a license from the National Transport Authority.

The activity allows for transport business in Dubai :

  • Cooler transport
  • Water transport
  • Cargo transport
  • Car rental services
  • Bus rental services
  • Truck and Gas tanks rental
  • Bicycle and taxi services
  • Luxury vehicle services
  • International bus services.

Business consultancy services in Dubai :

Starting the business requires careful planning, research, and preparation. Entrepreneur required professional business consulting services.

As Dubai is the commercial capital of UAE starting the business consultancy services in Dubai will generate higher revenue for an entrepreneur.

Restaurant Business In Dubai :

Dubai is the place where people from all over the world gather for commercial or tourist purposes.

Food, Clothes, and shelter are basic needs for human beings. Basic high-quality basic needs will be the most profitable business idea for all entrepreneurs.

Experienced cook and good location are the only needs to generate higher revenue in the Restaurant business.

Are you interested in starting your restaurant business? Here is the few basic information you should know before starting your restaurant business :

  • You should follow the instruction which is mentioned in the food code by the Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality.
  • You required a Trade license by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing and Food license by the Food safety department in Dubai to start your restaurant in Dubai.
  • You required No objection letter from the Dubai Municipality-Public health department before starting your restaurant construction work.

Above is a few basic information you should know to start your restaurant business in Dubai.

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Antique Business In Dubai :

Starting an Antique shop in Dubai will be one of the profitable business with low investment. People in Dubai love to wear Antique jewelry so there is a higher chance for you to get more Antique lovers.

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Heavy Equipment Rental business :

According to a new report from Grand View Research, Inc., the global construction equipment rental market is expected to reach $230 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 4.8% to boost the market growth.

This will increase the habit of renting a heavy machine. By renting heavy machine customers can save money and time from maintenance cost, labor and operation cost.

Here is an opportunity for all entrepreneurs to start generating revenue from starting heavy equipment renting business.

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Electronic store in Dubai :

As there is an increase in demand value electronic industry is considered a booming industry. Starting a business booming industry will surely generate you more revenue.

Make sure to provide a huge number of choices for the customer so that customer can analyze different electronic products in different brands under one roof. Quality matters a lot. Make sure to provide a quality product to the customer.

Make sure to tie up with corporate companies to increase your revenue.

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Children Daycare center:

In Dubai, most of the parents will be working employees where they couldn’t find time to take care of their children.

If you love to spend time with kids then this could be a wonderful and peaceful business idea in Dubai for you.

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You should get a license to start a children’s daycare center in Dubai even on a small scale.

To start your children’s daycare center you should get approval from Knowledge and human development authority.

Beauty Salon Business In Dubai :

People in Dubai will never stop spending in beauty, so starting the Beauty salon business could be the high profitable business ideas in Dubai.

Take the other’s interest in beauty as an advantage and start your highly profitable business in Dubai.

How to start a high profitable Beauty salon in Dubai :

  • Get approval for your name from DED.
  • Get approval document from the Planning Section of the Dubai Municipality and Health and Safety Division of the Dubai Municipality 
  • Get the tenancy contract along with the Ejari number

Submit all the above documents to DED to get your salon license. 

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If you want to be a successful entrepreneur then Dubai is the right place for you to start your business. 

Do you have more ideas? Want to share with others?

Feel free to comment on your ideas below. 


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