Is Real Estate A Good Investment?

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Are you looking for cash flow from the investment? Confused about where to invest?

Real estate is good solution for you.

Always owning is better than renting.

Top reasons why should we start investing in real estate today?

Higher chance of an increase in value over time:

Everyone wanted to invest where there is a higher chance of an increase in value over time. Are your one among them?

If yes then Yes to the question “Is real estate a good investment?”

Control over ROI: You will not have control over ROI in any industry except real estate. Wondering how?

If the value to your property goes down. Don’t sell it. Instead, Renovate your property and start renting it. Many people choose to rent the property than owning. So you will get a rental. Once the value reaches high you can sell.

Is it Worth it?

Is yes then Yes to the question “Is real estate a good investment?”

Higher Cash flow :

In any industry, you should wait until your investment adds value except real estate. Real estate gives you higher chances to increase cash flow by renting your property.

This cash flow even helps you with diversity investment.

Flexibility :

Real estate has a lot of options. You can develop It, Lease it, subdivide it. In other industries, you are an option only to sell or hold it. But in real estate, you have multiple options to do it.

Higher Demand :

It is a known fact population never decrease which increases the housing demand. People always wanted a place to live in. This gives you greater opportunity to get a consistent return for your investment.

So now you understood that real estate is a profitable investment you can make.

Keep reading to know other things before you investing in real estate.

Things you should know before investing in real estate :

  • How to find a great deal on rental property : It is not easy to find a great deal on rental property and also not impossible. Keep reading the tips to find a great deal on rental property.

Tips to get a great deal on real estate  :

  1. Do proper market research on yourself. 
  2. Find a good real estate agent who can help you in finding a great deal on rental property. Keep reading to check good real estate agent who can help you in finding great deals.
  3. Invest your time to find a great deal on a property for sale at sites likes Quikrgulf
  • Plan ahead: If you are planning to invest in real estate by borrowing with the thought of utilizing rental money alone. My suggestion is to have an alternative plan because you may also experience time with no rentals. That time you should have an alternative source to manage it. Else you will face so much pressure financially. Finally, you will end up in selling your property.  

  Always understand that real estate investment is only for cash flow, it is not for appreciation.

  • Research the property properly: It is always important to research the property before you own it. You should always find if any roads are planned near to the property you are planning to own, research on the neighborhood and other external factors like water-related problems, an electrical system that will affect your property value.
  • Research on market rents: If you planning to give rental after you own your property it is important for you to do some research on rental value for your property.

Now you know all the things that real estate investment must know.

It is true that all investments always has risk.

Keep reading to know some of the risks involved in real estate.

The Risk involved in real estate :

Be ready for market shocks: It is quite common to have market ups and down in all industries. You must be ready for all market shocks with a diversified plan.

Liquidity risk: People think that they are going to earn more money soon by investing in real estate. But it is not true. It takes time to get profit over real estate investment. It is difficult to find the right buyers to sell your property.

Damage to the property: Sometime you may face some damage to your property which is cannot handle by the insurance company. You should always be ready to manage it.

Finding a good tenant: Some may end up in giving the property to wrong renters who may pay you late or damage your property. If you are the one who has a plan with rental finance then you should always have an alternative source for that.

How to increase the rental value of a property :

Rental value depends on so many factors such as surroundings, area value and so on.

Here are a few tips you should maintain to increase rental value :

  • Consider using quality tiles, doors, cabinets, windows, electrical fitting, plumbing fixtures as well as beautiful and inviting paints.
  • Well finished kitchen, bathroom, and toilets will increase the rental value of a property.
  • offer Garages and rent them separately. tenant always wanted to have all facilities inside the home without moving out. if you offer them all facilities that will definitely add more value to your rental property.

Keep reading to find some best real estate agents who will help you in finding a great deal for your real estate investment.

Best real estate agents in UAE :

Better homes: Started in 1986 by Linda from her dining room. With over 33 years of experience and 150 dedicated, passionate and professional agents better homes achieved the highest number of 5-star reviews of any real estate company in the UAE, from Trust Pilot.

Allsopp & Allsopp: It is established in the year 2008. According to the Dubai Land Department, Allsopp and Allsop ranked as the number one real estate company in terms of sale.

The company received more than 20 awards in the last few years.

In 2018 Allsopp and Allsopp awarded as the ‘Best Brokerage’ by Property Finder

Hamptons International: with more than 150 years of experience in the real estate industry they provide services in Residential / Commercial Sales and Leasing, Property Management and Valuations and Research, and management of new off-plan project launches.

Hamptons international achieved Dubizzle’s The Exclusive Agency Award 2015 & DP Top 5 Agency Award 2016.

Driven Properties: driven properties is the real estate agency founded in 2012. Driven properties are considered as real estate company in Dubai as they are well experienced in the essentials of the property market, arbitration, marketplace evaluation, property management, and honest conduct.

The founder and the managing director is Abdullah Al Ajaji who won the award for the Best Brokerage owner in 2016 by Propertyfinder.

Hope now are you clear that real estate is a good investment with some risk involved in it.


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